Vivani Fishfood
De Gruisdonk 5A
5928 RT Venlo
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 77 374 30 60
Prime quality fish food for all kinds of ornamental fish

Welcome to Vivani Fishfood BV wholesale!

Vivani Fishfood is a wholesale company, specialised in pond food (like koi food and sturgeon food), aquarium food and terrapin food.

Our products are carefully selected and all high quality.

We have a wide range of dried foods such as silkworms, gammarus, shrimps, mealworms, bloodworms FD, tubifex cubes FD, brine shrimp cubes FD, decapsulated artemia eggs, daphnia, crickets, grasshoppers, dried fish … These are also very suitable for other pets.

We are specialized in supplying bulk products and private label.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Vivani Fishfood, as price and quality is important!